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An ordinary meeting of this Branch will be held at the

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quantity — say five drops — being applied to each part.

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Lands, to meet them with a certainty of aim, a swiftness of action,

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addition of new members. More than one of our lead-

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sional examination should be divided into two parts;

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The patient stated that a calculus was cut out of his

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cerned ; and, for the present, this fact alone is one

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lic," are words a gentleman does not generally use liglitly.

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Dr. Clay still preferred the ligature of Indian hemp.

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well marked pneumonia, affecting two-thirds of the right

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on the anatomy of the uterine blood-vessels, or on the

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quarters, and in cases in which special quarters shall be

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" Case of Tubal Pregnancy." — Society of Arts. — Geological.

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siders it his duty to keep " his case of instruments" in

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when I first saw him, of amputation, as it was feared

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