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correctly interpreting the importance of renal function in uro-
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7. On the Beciprocal Influenc^^of Pregnancy^ Labour^ and Childbed
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himself, fitted to live with him in his own Paradise, in blessedness and glory!
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pass by, we shall see that physicians must now be in possession
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These are supposed to be drank in with the water, either when very small or in
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animals live in the human stomach. [See evcts, frogs, snakes, &c, in another pari
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in their size and weight. The elements of the skin become ex-
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The details of my cases are not sufficiently explicit to show which
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later she had a recurrence of the vertigo, in which she again
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of obtaining from Buch a creature the favor of a look, a nod, or a kiss! Man has
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destroyed the sight, and produced symblepharon of the lower
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thus restore a patient who is practically blind to all the advan-
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SovTHSY^ M.D. Oxon. — In this paper Dr. Southey treats of
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labor again sets in with vigor interference will be safer than
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rately puffed up by those pecuniarily interested in their sale, and who did not care
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friends described it, until he was quite exhausted. He would jump
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the withdrawal of the entire part from the stimulating medium.
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consider it an infallible remedy m this disease, he believes that the
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during pregnancy^ was greatly frightened ; the alarm induced chorea
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of houses, or cattlei or other property, or proprietor of a floa-
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there being slight obscuration of the second cardiac sound.
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proteose intravenously. Following the injection there was a
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Gravel and Kidney Complaints are of more frequent occurrence than is gen-
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beings. Thus a female married a second time will have children resembling the
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very distinctly perceived by some intelligent patients, and demon-
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October. Gases had also occurred among the labourers engaged in
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the left leg. In attempting to run the heel along the shin she
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more closely resembles his father, or that he has been stunted
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> Since the above was written we have investigated this qaestion in a large
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their ramifying canaliculi. The central nucleus of the fusiform