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Uric acid may be regarded according to this nomenclature as a trioxypurin,
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suggested the remote possibility that some of their sjTnptoms might
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this medication she has made a decided improvement. Her headaches
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with deficient excretion; the lens thus forced to yield up water becoming
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salts of Iron, are the only astringents of this order which can
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secretions, and most especially that of the bowels. In the
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symptom complexes. The earliest work was that of Eijkman, a Dutch
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(vol. i. p. 460), which in many cases occurs in patients suffering from some
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diseased mentality systematized delusions of persecution. This is
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do not regret that the author has thought otherwise. In the articles on
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Neither are Emmenagogues so ; for the uterus is not a
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to that infection. These two points he determined by staining films
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of the morphological organization ot the human body is provided. The basic con«
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region is painful and tender. The patient's temperature is probably raised,
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Coition. — Both Verneuil and Cohnheim regarded coition as a
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advantages of our facilities for education, cannot be made to forget
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by their means from the blood. The excretion of faeces con-
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times yields after a urachal cyst has been excised. Traces of urachal canal
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nate activities within restricted areas, we become responsible for an account of
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decrees : feeling hetter this week than any other time
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already hold a recognised qualification — the Eoyal College of
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examination he showed kyphosis, stiffness of the larger joints, muscular
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Schaefer, Edward W., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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True Diaphoretics. — The following groups of medicines
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return and to the cedematous and indurated condition of the parts around.
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have laid down are not easy to put aside. The Jewish Eabbis
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cataractous in consequence. — Rec. d'opht., Paris, 1904, June.
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Chrysophanic acid, which occurs in the urine of patients taking rhubarb
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Research interests in the division include pathogenesis o( bacterial
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beef 18 grms. per pound; ham 18 grms. per pound; sausages 4 grms.
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but sufficient fare, and the well-known hcomatinics serve to remove
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KiJTTNER (Arch. f. Min. Ghir., Berlin, Bd. Ixxiii. Heft 2) publishes a
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In 1888 I communicated to this Society a description of a case of