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ten months of the year, were able to do their eight hours' walking
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Hicks, C. William, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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are all carefully evaluated. Candidates must be proficient in both written and
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therefore, very similar to that of the iron reaction in diabetic cases, and it has
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had occasionally to effect a forcible entrance ; and the botanical
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the urinary symptoms mentioned. The rest of the paper is pathological,
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the event of his or her failing to reach a certain standard of
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or somewhere in the course of the colon, a rounded sausage-shaped
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combined, so as to form salts; the vegetable salts are decom-
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criminal or insane according to surroundings. The writer finds much to be
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of ophthalmia neonatorum. In the present instance the patient received
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visit to Glasgow on business affairs, which much excited him, he got
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healthy family. On questioning the mother as to the presence of dis-
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the purpose, and the results obtained are apt to be contradictory. Halli-
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attempts to be a practical synthesis of all the many scientific
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the amount usuallv collected for the Widal test being; sufficient. This
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And so with the speech centres, a graduated training is neces-
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power m no small degree under favorable of sodium, as follows: —
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poisonous doses it depresses the circulation and the nerves gene-
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attacks " — exacerbations of tlie disease which shall be described
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would have been cut during the operation.) Above the obstruction, the
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has giyen the death-blow to an idea which will probably last
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of the muscles, for various hygienic purposes. It was l)y a special
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Scottish Universities Commission. Thus far we have said hardly
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between the umbilicus and inner malleolus on either side. Having
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applicant's residency status that is in effect on the last day applications can be
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tion of the lungs, which must be blown and show no perforation.
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on the brain — narcotics and strychnine, and the poison of hydro-
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Research efforts in heart disease are directed toward providing a defin-
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Faculty research projects in infectious diseases focus on the delineation
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matter in and around the umbilicus may give rise to inflammation or
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silver causes an acute but temporary desquamative urethritis with con-
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rally considered to be unadvisable in the case of Quina. The
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