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disappointing. When acute, the application of warmth gives the most
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4404 ft. above it (the only instance in the British Isles of such
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these consist in such humbler things as digestion, absorption,
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Gehurfsh. u. Gynal:, Stuttgart, Bd. xlii. Heft 3) gives equally favourable
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in the unusual length and upright position of the appendix vermiformis.
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Opium is the chief member of the &ecand division of Nar-
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diagnosis, and with the physical examination of the lungs. Those
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Crimes of the manic-depressive psychoses are relatively rare. The
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between the ages of 5 and 8. At Great Ormond Street no children
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and similar volatile substances, the disposal of sewage, and many other
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Thus from a chemical knowledge of the means by which the acid might
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ject above the skin; and (3) the cavernous angioma which may
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now be realised ; for, from the earliest stage, obstructed intestine is
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treatment ; or Tartar Emetic or Ipecacuanha may be conjoined
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usually be found to be present in the fatal cases. (1) Tuberculous
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preparation and uses of antitoxins, etc. From them even one hitherto
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The Department of Ophthalmology offers electives during the junior and senior
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tion, first from the mind of the teacher and then from the taught.
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length of time, it is capable of producing a chronic injury of
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haemoglobin (Gowers), 48 per cent. ; leucocytes, 7210 (the micro-
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As regards the bacteriolog}' of intraabdominal suppurative pro-
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almost like a liquid which is effused or flows over them.
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stration centres; public school child feeding; regular and periodic
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15 or 16 English is accomplished by the use of a highly polished and conical
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excretion of albumin by patients with actual renal disease, and there are
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ducts different from those which are r^uired, and which the
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emphasizing joint reconstruction, major trauma, orthopaedic oncology or spinal
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pulse, as will be seen in Fig. 2, of 48 to 54 at the wrist, with an inter-
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The principles thus laid down by Hale have, on the whole,
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Valley. N. Y. ; Saratoga Sprinits. Clifton Springs,
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m.p. 1. — That Eliminatives are medicines which pass into the
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gave rise to alfeilions of boili eye and ear. Lar.p-
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the bolder use of digitalis, and in the three days from the 13th to the
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of the Branch Council for the district in which his school is situated.
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Proper method of applying spica bandage of foot and leg in the
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