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the Academy of Sciences, that notwithftandingtliefe
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of this region a matter of considerable importance.
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insidious manner. It is this insidious, character of the disease which is
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Dr. Mayo chose as the theme for his lecture, "The relation of the
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excretion, fruit sugar (laevulose) is only half as injurious, whilst milk sugar
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vein is replaced by an impervious narrow cord, and we have then the
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examination, the discs are observed to be swollen, and to have ill-defined
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others, that total extirpation of the pancreas in animals is followed by
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repeated violence, it is a good cuflom to caufe the
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every other process, from the simple to the more complex method.
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linen with expectoration or faeces. The sheets should be frequently
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doing, they at lafl render it neceflary : but on due
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is the bed preparation of them, when intended as an
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ation is freely deposited on the pavement and on the floors of rooms or
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" prize him among the corn and oats, which he is fare to vilit
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pulmonary tuberculisation. The sequence of the former affection after
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left wholly to nature; but fhe was aflifted when ne-
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breed of horfcs, which they vakie fo greatly that they
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'0028 gr. of lead per gallon. It is not necessary that the lead should be
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they require the microscope for their detection. The spleen likewise is
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even reach the left psoas. Its variability in position is increased also by
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years in Medicine, to follow the ward rounds and to go to the out-patient
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bilateral paralysis, and rapid rise of temperature.
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the tonsils may be smooth, but is more usually pitted, and the tonsillar
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Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mouth produced by the growth
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whilst the posterior shoulder sweeps over the perineum to be born.
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taken regularly. Complete rest should only be allowed during the
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of tents, that they both fell into difrepute almofl at
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Dt. W. W. Jones Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery.
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be not driven too faft, nor too far, lefl: her milk
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neuritis is present, but it probably is always secondary to the arthritis, and
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syphilis, which have been emphasised by Gowers — first, the course of the
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empty stomach, will cause sugar to appear in the urine in a healthy
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Morbid anatomy. — The absence of post-mortem changes after such
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comes irritated, or even undergoes inflammation, as the acute symptoms
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on the under surface. Sometimes much destruction of tissue is produced,
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and after abdominal operations, the physician assisting the surgeon through
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It often becomes more frequent and more distressing as the disease
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A common form of insomnia occurs in elderly people with gastric