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Fehling's solution, may be present without the amount of

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lately had. The death-rate in thirty-three of the largest English

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%• The position at mess and on mess lists is, in fact, the logical out-

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Assistant Physician, Lecturer on Pathology, and Patliologist, Glasgow

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cal experience of the lecturer and the special attention which

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ing' his' cafeepUblfC'should be given him, and that a subfecripi-

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F.R C.S — T'here is no advantage towards promotion in the Army Medical

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to the award of D. S. O.'s lor last year's operations on the West Coast of

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on January 2.-jrd, 1893. Result .■ Alive and thoroughly recovered from

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Dispenser ; doubly qualified, unmarried. Salary, £100 per annum,

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suppuration, together with the absence of friction, etc., will

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gates invited representatives of the county councils to meet

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taking these "■locums." especiallj* in the smaller towns, or they will

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far as possible into the abscess. The fluid chiefly used hae

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Medical Officers of Health, said that medical officers of health

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Bill, but with amendments completely protecting the

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finally had a fit, which left him with severe headache and

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pointed out how this action of iodides on the solubility of

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facts as proof of the necessity for obtaining supplies of purer

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rate of 24.9 per 1,000. The lowest rates were recorded in Sligo and

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followed by a gastric abscess, it ever discharged into the

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siderable fall of blood pressure. The experiment was, how-

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the gastric crises and of the dilatation of the stomach. Dr.

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DraiNG the past ten days entertainments have been given in

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among those inoculated were not a few English persons, and

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Then arose the nu-siiin as to the nature of the operation,

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"May, 1871. He served in the Zulu war of 1879, and organised the bearer

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their serous coats. Tracing this effusion inwards, it was

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the most attention. The bodies described by these observers

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admission there was but a trace of albumen. On examining

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new cases during the week numbered 9, as compared with 19 in the pre-

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Medicine on April 7th and 8th. Instruments and apparatus used in