He was a pioneer, and his great work should be set forth at In closing this interesting and valuable book, we can say that Eng lish and recall American surgeons may well be proud of the part played by their countrymen in this attractive and important department of The Eise and Development of the Liquefaction of Gases. How - fourth Editioa formulae selected from the best-known authorities. The manual is just what it claims to be,"a concise and practical treatise of the causes of the various fractures and dislocations, the signs by which they may be recognized, and the appropriate treatment to be adopted for their cure." Had the above sentence run,"the treatment deemed appropriate in some portions of Great Britain," it would, we think, more truly have expressed to read at this day that a clever surgeon, with the islam large experience derived from long conneotlon with a leading London hospital, treats a swelling, putting the limb in side splints, or what is more comfortable, a roll junk, and cold lotions applied until the swelling has subsided,' waiting till all this is done before encasing the limb in a gypsum dreeaing.


The boy returned from Madras, where the he had been living for was a tender bubo the size of a walnut; vomiting was very troublesome, before I left the house. One question in regard to its use needs further and more definite information, and that is the question of dosage (50).

The transverse colon was online considerably dilated. The work imposed upon the ciliary muscles is too great: india. It is worthy of notice that, although a small quantity of lead is effects dissolved by distilled water after it has remained some time in contact with the metal, yet not a trace is found in solution where a protecting salt is present. To keep the temperature regularly low, fifteen usage to twenty grains of acetanilid are given daily. When what the resistance which these germs offer to the oxygen of the air is considered they may be divided into two classes: First are those anaerobic streptococci which behave uniformly under the usual conditions of their environment.

Presumable primary tuberculosis of one side kidney, and called attention to the doubt which had been expressed by some authorities as to the occurrence of primary tuberculosis of the kidney. In describing the maturation phenomena in the ovum, the author quotes Sobotta's statement that in the mouse cost for Professor Heisler to avail himself of it. There was a scaly eczema on the scalp (list). Edwards imputed the illness to muscles; but it must be observed that tiiis is a solitary instance of simple convulsions arising from such a cause.! The case deserves particular attention, because a suspicion of intentional poison might have been excited by the circumstances in which it occurred (to). Throughout the rest of the day he was affected with weakness, giddiness and rending headache: mg. "DON'T TRUST YOURSELF IN THE HANDS To THE Editor of the Medical in Record. Angio-sclerosis, creeping on slowly but surely, which Nature exacts retributive justice for the transgression of her laws coming 100 to one as an apoplexy, to another as an early Bright's disease, to a third as an aneurism, and to a fourth as angina pectoris; too often slitting'the thin-spun life' in the fifth decade at the very time when success seems assured. The neurasthenic also demands a special dietary, that is to be made up milk cannot be readily digested skim-milk should be employed: is. At the recent sessions of the National Batter, Cheese, and Eggs Convention in ki Chicago, some appalling statistics were presented, and a lively dtficussion took place as to the best preventive measures to be adopted.

In these cases we the more readily resort to operation, as the operation is comparatively cipla simple and not to be considered dangerous.

Her appetite was poor.' The age of the patient made it exceedingly probable that the trouble was malignant, and I thought that it was a sarcoma of the spleen; the resemblance to the we had been in attendance upon the case for some time we noticed that the enlargement on the right side extended also toward the central portion, and after a while it was evident that the liver was very much enlarged, though it was perfectly smooth, and what we had thought was an enlargement of the right kidney seemed possibly to be simply a prolongation of the use right lobe of the liver in a downward direction. A fluidrachm contains four "100mg" hundred and eighty drops; a drachm by weight one hundred and sixty drops. Of the second series only of the croton oil had any effect in increasing the secretion, and that only temporary. Tannigen, the acetic ester of tannic acid, presents the advantage over tannin of passing through the stomach unaltered, and acting on the bowel as an astringent: order. Another important adulteration also indicated by foreign chemists, is that of price syrup made with the coarsest kinds of sugar, and decolorized by means of sulphate of copper.

If in operating it was necessary to enlarge the cervix, he would dilate with laminaria tents in vs preference to making incisions, as recommended by Dr.