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Treatment. — The treatment consists in relieving the congestion and

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Syphilitic ulcers depend upon a siiecific constitutional poison acting in

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deep pressure. The stiffness of the joint is produced by muscular rigid-

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the thickened tissues sometimes produces persistent neuralgia. Nasal ste-

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relieve a simple constipation, than to attempt to force faeces through an

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formed. Along the line of injury there will be a number of new cells

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cholera and miliary fever has been accepted by some writers, and the accession of the latter during

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On percussion, if the pericardium is distended with fluid, the area of

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ushered in by chills, followed by a rapid rise in temperature, and a rapid,

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the morning on rising, or just after lying down at night. Lying on the

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ing the integrity of the artery-wall, may be set down as among

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are not uncommon in the metatarsal bones and phalanges, and may

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attacks of gastric and intestinal catarrh, and evidences of embarrassed renal

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one end, the whole contour, however, being ovoid. This parasite causes thickening, ulceration, ecchy-

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for the rapidity of the course which the disease runs.

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some regarded as an ctlieient means of proj)hylaxis. ' The variability of the

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signs of abscess, and are absent in intercostal neuralgia-

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rare occurrence. In some cases nearly all the tissues and serous and mucous

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pearing in perfect health, are seized with a severe chill, and immediately

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cidence or complication. The liver and spleen are congested. The splenic

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in 50 per cent.; and by alcoholismus, in 25 per cent. Brundes (of Copenhagen), in 120 uncomplicated cases,

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chanical) passive hyperaemia (as in mitral disease) ; or of the plugging of

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1 J ,1 n 1 , ^ , white blood-corpusdes : b, rariovs forms

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Lorenz's Method. — Lorenz devised what he has styled a bloodless

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changes which take place m the tongue and mouth in some of the specific

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separated and the needle passed around the artery. The needle should

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ing muscular tissue may be either fatty or granular ; bacteria are often

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nares. This will successfully cut off the hemorrhage in that direction.

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lied from the operation or from the wound, he should be placed in the

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been no evidence of its existence during life ; cases are recorded where it

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nerves, etc. In pronounced cases of chronic rheumatism, affecting sev-

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