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marked than their hoemolytic power. (3) The injoctiou of tlie liquid

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efficacious. Belladonna comes next to it. In Gastrodynia

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the presence of albumose, as some non-proteid constituents of urine yield a pink

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comes on much more slowly; as a result of the diminution of the supply

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contain 7 grms. of borax and boric acid, and this amount might easily

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lustre, yet remain, certain educational advantages which the most

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cally, apart from those produced by long-continued toxic irritation of the tissues,

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diseases clinical center grant from NIH and in the last four years has been one of

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books, and gardens, as, for instance, a "Voyage autour mon jardin,"

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operation. (Infirmary Book 110, p. 58.) — J. M., male, a^t. 44,

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symptoms are much less acute, whilst the retention may be very incomplete.

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viscera were photographed in situ by Dr. Carnegie Dickson and Mr.

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spinal sac by lumbar puncture, not only when puncture shows that the

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practically no other symptoms ; in others, again, a high temperature for

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stand still. These muscular adjustments in the earlier stages,

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the solution of some of its constituents, as is well exemplified by the so

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endocrine function. Students are involved in the day-to-day management oi

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There can surely be nothing more astonishing than the great

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obstruction are to have the best chance, they must submit to

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(Private Hospital).- — A young man, aet. 19, Avas operated on in December

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of acid. Minkowski answered those objections by showing that an operation

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only wish that in England there were large indoor obstetric

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or later discharged from the prison and he does exceedingly well for

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part of the hospital ; and was safely confined of a living infant without

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4. Faculty members are obligated to evaluate students fairly, equitably and in a

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through the torn end of the urethra without any dangerous distension, and

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may have been put down to some temporary indisposition. A

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diseases in which there is a failure in the secretion of bile,

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CoTTERiLL showed a patient showing the result of operation for lipoma

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Division of Surgical Services for Infants and Children

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cavities of the breast, as it disappeared on the removal of the

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Menzer's conception of acute rheumatism is that it is a streptococcic

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dose of diphtheria antitoxin relieves symptoms of the disease without

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of the ureter. In a small proportion of patients we meet with contra-

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with attacks of pain ; three of these were in women ; in one of them

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country, and (notwithstanding the strong temptations to its use in

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conjunctiva congested, and the right side of tlie roof of the mouth