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plished by forceps, and if craniotomy had been performed, the

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Elective Program. The Office of Student Affairs compiles course offerings,

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Post-mortem Report (Dr. T. Shennan). — Surface of body pale, no

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further, the diffuse and uncertain nature of secondary deposits,

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tolic blood-pressure is normal or low, and the fifth point is well

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rather the constitution of a company or a regiment and their

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Dr. A. Silling considers that Stimulants call forth nervous

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Program. Included are preliminary programs in medicine and surgery as well as

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regarded in most instances as a comparatively trivial ailment, one

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factor, tentatively referred to as " D " vitamin is still in doubt. (The

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dying when the first puncture was made, removing 15 c.c. of fluid.

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latter being the more frequent source of invasion. The periodic

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fatally, from blank-cartridges and fire-crackers : 1364 were in-

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Fellow or Member of many Neurological Societies on the Con-

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the drains at a distance from drinking water, and the construction

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CtsaariBU)— Charles B. McGirk, II. D., Phillpsbarg

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The resolution of a disease thus effected may, in some few

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warmer climates and among rice-eating people, until toward the end of

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continue to take insufficient nourishment, in my opinion, chiefly be-

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university, where they might obtain better advantages for dissec-

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charge diminished rapidly, and the child when last examined Avas

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the corpuscles display a peculiar and abnormal tendency to

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serted my finger into the pelvis and felt it would be impossible without

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cerninu; the 8iii;|,ies;-iiis ef •. enerea! disease.

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volume is normal for the individual. The smallest total transverse

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Khurana, Ramesh K., MBBS, Clinical Associate Professor

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that the very free taking of uncoagulated albumin by the mouth is capable

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The necropsy next day revealed a bovine heart weighing 36 oz.,

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In this case, too, I think one can definitely eliminate any idea of

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or in one or both ureters. Except in very stout individuals it is now

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