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got rid of ; they were still present in only one child above seven
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Changes in some respect similar to these which are pro-
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and, in the light of Schaudinn's results, Leishman states that the
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Delusions of persecution are to be expected in the hysteric whose
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for combustion into carbonic acid and water. (P. 116.)
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humerus. The spinal lateral deviation is very important clinic-
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London, 1902, June, p. 305. 11. Dujardix. — Ann. d'ocul., Bruxelles,
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as to Defects of Vision," published by Messrs. J. & A. Churcliill,
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Alkondon, Manickavasagom, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
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tate of Lead, and the Ammonio-sulphate of Copper, have been
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is at times due to eye-strain. Gould (Philadelphia), another John
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cosmical system, so our organic nervous structures are associated with the
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exercising properly or led them to form unfortunate habits of various
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raw internal surface was drained through an independent opening in
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can only be learnt by listening and practice, and listening and
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what can happen and what severe symptoms may result.
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cal care medicine. Further information and details concerning the elective
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additional load, piled upon their own backs, too often by their
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that similar symptoms of uraemia were produced by injecting either fresh urine or
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contrary, are cooling, and mild in their operation. They are
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To physicians and surgeons who desire a book of reference or
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The excretion of uric acid in gout is a subject upon which opinions differ
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alone with his fits than to be turned blue for life.
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occasional, in others it is constant. The latter were for the most part
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into the body of the muscle coat from the peritoneal side, but
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certainly valuable, even if only for the purpose of determining the
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to learn from the infant who lies " muling and puking " in its
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which persisted for several years, but were succeeded by a return
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has its greatest sphere of usefulness, and certainly produces a
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bership at the end of their junior year or beginning o( their senior year. Election
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ideas. While in the majority of cases they are limited to harmless
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potent as Alkalies ; for salts pass out of the body as they went
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cion of syphilis — especially syphilis of the nervous system. The higb
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P&OP. IX. — That a third class of medicines^ called Astrin-