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yital power. But there may be no such failnre of vital

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food. Bowels regular. Four weeks and six days after the operation

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is derived from some lower portion of the urinary tract, its presence does not

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heart, and it may be our duty to throw fluid into the circulation,

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are referred to the cardiovascular apparatus. As a rule these are

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and has been compiled on the same lines as in previous years.

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mation by September 1 . Interviews will take place at the medical school between

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can be excluded. A rubbing friction sound in the neighbourhood

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of death are cardiac paralysis and asphyxia. Many of the infants found

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rant the conclusion not only that diet controls the course of the

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labia minora and elsewhere ; (6) erosion of the cervix and a purulent

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quoted gives full praise to the Army Medical Service in that they

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The remaining lectures deal with " .Metallic Poisoning " (Lead and

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She threatened to abort three months ago, but the danger was averted.

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decision to operate was the subjective s\Tnptom of severe pain which

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changed daily till the wound assumes a healthy appearance.

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bacillus, and had occurred through the blood stream at the time of

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warmer climates and among rice-eating people, until toward the end of

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the foetus was presenting by the breech. She was asked to come into

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ning to walk. He prefers to begin treatment when the child is about

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child screams, and the muscles are again on guard. Long con-

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(1) Peruni Therapy, !iy .fom. ,ii ,M .'•-.)-', ■ i. >'.

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practice of surgery and clinical lectures on surgery during two winter

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some adhesions, was healthy. A large perimetric cystoma had formed

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solution of sodium chloride has been followed by chronic and tonic spasms alter-

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reference to the party's knowledge of right and wrong in respect to

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medicines. It is again noticed here as one of the moi3t

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With this dose there is no cathartic action. When given between

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nausea, and in the state of system which succeeds the vomit-

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In this position he did an enormous amount of work in sanitary

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to marry. The issues are so momentous, that the utmost vigilance

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preventing the use of animals for scientific purposes, not only would

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importance of a study of foods in general, for it is not known to have