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she is safer here than in her home, for here she can receive all needed

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half-hour without any intermission whatever for perhaps three days,

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opposition to the dissection of human cadavers. From the beginning, there was

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The practitioner of internal medicine is usually called an internist, but

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likely to have far-reaching effects. They are highly technical, and very

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ject above the skin; and (3) the cavernous angioma which may

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Kiwisch one in forty, and Cornil one in every fifty to sixty cases.

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The washings from fresh strawberries (previously unwashed) gave

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being again absorbed at some part of the surface of the intes-

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on the right than on the left side. The fontanel was full and

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of the proximal ends of the cystic duct. Palpation of the gall-bladder,

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liljres from these two centres,' the former are more liable to damage in

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immediately successful enterostomy, that death on the ninth day

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compared to the purin source, still it is one which is of great interest, and

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There are three means which may be employed in reaching a con-

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mit the necessary impulse, from having been so long unaccus-

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is par excellence the better for the drier forms. When a mucous

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one, and no essential change in the blood is effected by true

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J may briefly exemplify the series of changes, simple but

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the body, is connected with external things. These intellectual

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may follow from degenerative changes in malignant growths, and in cases in

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full of them : they shall not be ashamed, when they speak with

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SCHUTLKILI/— George O.O. Santee, M. D., Cressona.

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containing water which has been cooled to some five or six degrees below

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be, is rest, quiet, and good feeding ; but, above all, rest. No one

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Wry Ned;, — Edmund Owen, F.R.C.S., Consulting Surgeon, St. Mary's Hospital,

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creased in intensity, and was present even without headache. He was

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We find in the misty, nebulous mental states that occupy the

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succeed the existence of a markedly circumscribed focus.

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usefulness from the Finsen light treatment ; for, whilst the former

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but the case is of interest in view of the general employment of pre-

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cial course chairpersons, faculty members-at-large, and representatives oi the

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Department of Diagnostic Radiology: radiology, computed body tomography/

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cancer. The following rule may be laid down : — Absence of free HCl,

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Operation, November 3, 1903. — The abdomen Avas opened by a