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exception of the increased mobility. The terminal phalanx of

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The oedema of his legs had much diminished. The apex beat

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much with a view of any immediate application to medicine,

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geon — Relieved from duty at Vancouver Barracks, W.

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blueishj leaden, or livid colour, and this is the aspect it com-

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was no history of it in herself or in her family, and the murmur

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The cricoid and thyroid cartilages had been entirely removed

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The total hookworm content was determined in the usual way,

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flank, and tympanitic resonance over the front of the swelling.

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attempts have been made to diagnose endometrial carcinoma

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automatic fire sprinkler system approved by the authority

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to controls. The help was short-lived, i.e., there was only a

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phalanx under ether, by an incision one and a half inches

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our vessels were close enough to retain the serum, or the red

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Hadden (W. B.), a case of epilepsy following an injury to the leg 143

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occupied the whole of the epigastric region and was mesial in

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degree of probability, that the vesicle is either a secretion from

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so it must aff'ord the greatest pleasure to generous minds to

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City Medical Center, 30 Baldwin Avenue, Jersey City 07304. Cor-

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strictors of the arm are derived from the first seven dorsal

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mammal ; the sloth has them next in size, and then comes the whale,

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technique, there still are some reservations with this pro-

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of the wing. It is possible that this is the variety described by

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he had a severe bilious attack, and since that time he

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ceptaculum, or any of the larger parts of this system lie, it

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that kala-azar is endemic in Lower Mesopotamia, At Nasiriyah the

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sex General Hospital in New Brunswick. 1 he 34 sessions of the Course are approved for 68

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16th, 1883, with an exhibition of samples of the anti-

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Filed in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference

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into was found to contain above half a spoonful of a dark,

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return of the blood, not only distend the small veins, but the

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the opinions at present so generally entertained of the blood,

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mg/kg. Analysis of responses demonstrated considerable