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was the main expression of the disease. Freedom from mental
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Previous History. — Social surroundings poor. The patient is a
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by peritoneo-meningeal drainage. In those cases Dr. Nicol removes
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important, and from the investigation and knowledge of which
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shown by municipalities in their methods of dealing with health
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is enlarged in the multiple type or pylephlebitis form, whereas in the
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impatience to them nor rebuke them, but thou shalt speak gently
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Atropliy of the alveolar xn-ocesi^es and painless falling out of the teeth
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In so far, therefore, as a presumption serves to determine the
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A good many megalocytes were present. Nucleated reds were
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the third to the right vertex. In thirteen of the cases it occurred
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uterine contractions in case of haemorrhage or retention of clots.
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The dressing of abscesses amongst the poor is a great con-
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upon it as presenting all the ordinary features of an inflammation,
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some flatus daily, though her bowels were not moved. On 7th February
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Additional information can be obtained by writing to the director or by
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much di£Sculty; for it appears, as we have seen, to admit of
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into the blood, has been proved by their detection in the
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when its orifice is too small to allow a free current of urine ; and
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The vaginal and bimanual examinations are necessary for by their
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year, accordingly, The Fdinhi/.rr/h Medical Journal made its first
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principles upon which exemption is based, but also in his more
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purgatives, a mineral water cure must be undergone. This, to be
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under normal conditions, afford very important indications of disturbances
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the recumbent postures; and sometimes, but not always, it is louder
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be rendered easier by remembering that the posterior portion of the urethra
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" granulation tissue." The marginal epithelium spreads in over this granu-
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into play by stimuli much subtler and nearer to the undulations
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is not the most important. First of all, it is a problem with which
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The astringent salts of Iron are less active in this kind of
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but usually it is delayed for three or more hours, often occurrmg
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merely refer to them. The coma following epilepsy has in itself nothing
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"The liver is also enlarged ; it is on the left side.
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After classes begin, students who wish to terminate their registration
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not actually cause nervous force to be generated. We know
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neither common nor important, and the primary malignant growths are
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tion to this. Sut if this were the case, then the reaction, or