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breakfast when he is to give a lecture, and is often seized with

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contents, and the methods of analysing the same. Proceeding, the

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and when the growths are large there is no doubt that their

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is always pigmented, having carried down usually the pigment uroerythrin

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are adopted as a daily beverage by all civilized nations. By

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It is not by any means an old story, since gonorrhoea was

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Electrocardiographic Examination (Fig. 6). — Made by Dr. Harry D. Clough.

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visible, especially in urines which have a pink colour.

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Now, it is a well-known fact that epithelium has an inhibit-

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that the cells constituting the nest must have undergone some

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Dr. Jessner's Dermatologische Vortnige fur PraltiJcer. Heft 1, " Des

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was again normal, and in a week vision was two-thirds of normal. On

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diagnosis. The diagnosis of the cause is made from the following: —

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importance of a study of foods in general, for it is not known to have

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of being easily tired and he also had headaches every week or two; frontal and

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This may not always be the case with Catalytics. Their

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removed from the body and immersed in solutions of the various salts.

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possible that the pale faces, lank figures, and dyspeptic mala-

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On examining the parts removed, the portion of right tube

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malady are each described as a separate disease, and their relation-

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was quite collapsed, though it was reddened and thickened, and looked

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and treatment instituted. The results which are often achieved

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action of normal doses of chloroform on the nervous mechanism

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favourable in such cases than when the psychosis develops some months,

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odour of ozone, which is gradually lost on exposure to air, and which is

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English scientific men for each other. During the visit of our

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left be nil, in the vast majority of cases. It has, however, been sug-

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broadening the boundaries of curability in his young patients con-

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