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The crimes of some types of insanity are so characteristic that
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closed on account of the danger of prolapse of intestine with subsecjiient
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Tobacco and Lobelia, which are exceptional members of this
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flexion deformity. Perhaps tlie most popular operation to-day, is
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to become absorbed; they may thus act in a double way, both
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may arise, if an extensive area of skin is removed, that the epi-
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effect of bringing down the temperature. Failing these measures recourse
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the patient, for the diaphragm, acting as the great piston of respira-
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for the result for twenty-four hours if he Sf^on going on in abnost every department
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period of time, the carbohydrates should be gradually increased from
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Candidates are required to pass three examinations, namely. Pre-
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set. 49, a tumour the size of a five-shilling piece. There was no
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courses and to know the manner in which they will be evaluated and graded.
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cretion of water there exists a compensating relation between
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Subsequent Course. — About a week ago the child began to cough,
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tap was made in the fourth right space in the parasternal line ; one
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and the value of alcohol and similar additions is duly weighed. The
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motions, and usually had a good deal of griping pain before his bowels
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oral administration causes discomfort, or if a rapid reaction is required,
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The preparations of Arsenic have even been used in some
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the emanations from that body with the X-ray, it appears as if
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volume as fully entitled to maintain its position as a valuable text-book
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of sanity ought to continue in force until the existence of insanity
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pig, or whose flesh was considered difficult of digestion, like the
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of colloidal chemistry to manufacturing problems. When one con-
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when this remedy entirely fails, the eruption is connected
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appear in the diagnosis of appendicitis, namely, pain, nausea and vomit-
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due to umbilical septicaemia. Diphtheria has affected the umbilicus
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Medicine— John A. Lichty, Chairman, 4634 5th A've., Pittsburg. H. Herbert Harbst, Sec'y, Allentown.