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was distended and a small dose of morphia was given. At 11 p.m. he
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iron, and sulphur. A special feature is the lengthy article on water.
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relationship is somewhat doubtful, as the first signs of the paralysis,
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mata. Here a portion of the omphalo-mesenteric duct persists, and the
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being more frequent in winter than in summer. This is of interest in
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formed for life, but I have observed in such cases no injury to any
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support and defend his plates. Dnreliablllty of evi-
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quite recently carefully studied by Still. Clinically it resembles
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likely that this is so, but not enough information was got to
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the statistical record for all the cases operated on for chronic nephritis is,
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syringing was prescribed ; fluid injected through the alveolar fistula
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of the alveolar process, and of the corresponding part of the hard palate.
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in situ. If the plexus-free half be artihcially stimulated, it gives a
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cures that are real and cures that are merely due to a change of
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tion, and not the rule. For they are more often connected
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Sauer, L. W. : "Powdered protein milk as a prophylactic food for young infants,"
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pears to attach to the idea in this case, though it cannot of
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most reliance is placed upon the clinical grounds of diagnosis. In
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or functional derangement of the kidneys and other organs.
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Having some time ago been successful in an attempt to
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and the highest number of marks attainable will be distributed as
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Incorporated Edinburqh Dental Hospital and School. Minimum
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and facilitates collaborative efforts that cross disciplines in which each campus
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Bunge places at the head of the list spinach and yolk of egg,
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people, but the most marked, and that which most often brings the patient
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of living, help tQ solve the problem of We diagnosis of tuberculoeis. This can often
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ness seems to be for the time suspended, we find, of course, no
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the practice of medicine during their four academic years.
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mates for donations. One million dollars from alumni supported the restorat ion