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Varicella. — J. W. Allan, M.B., Physician, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow ; late Physician,

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percentage than given by other writers. He considers that tuberculosis

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which I took on the 17th. Here the pulse wave is still full, and the

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prepared from horses' spleens, seems to exert an almost specific effect in

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variety, on the other hand, is not free from irritating ingredients, which

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Gunning, Jean-Jacques, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

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perhaps it is not surprising to find it causing a serious lesion of the eye.

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Premonitory Symptoms. — The most marked premonitory symptoms are

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that in forming any conclusions from the urea excretion, the amount of

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the retention of urine so often seen after the operation for piles, and after

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history of syphilis, and we have been interested and at the same time

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the conjoint board of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons accept certiii-

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and meningitis ; gonorrhceal peritonitis affects women more often than men ;

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case should never be left to natural expulsion, after version has been

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indication for early operation. In connection with enemata, it

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Ulceration may occur, but it is not certain. The haeillary-

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The decimal fraction obtained by dividing the length of the

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instructional program is offered to a limited number of students by the obstetrics

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urethral mucous membrane or a reflex spasm of the muscles surrounding the

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follows then from the rule of loc^l access, that before they

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Nature in the natures of the several organisms entrusted to your

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not cause any change in the blood; and it cannot remain in

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are the remedies themselves uncertain in action, but it hap-

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Note. — There is no evidence of preponderance of either ventricle.

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One would think it a pity, from the point of view of the com-

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increased by exertion, explains the frequent involvement of the aorta

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complication of other febrile disorders, suggests a toxic origin, and the

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Woodward, Celeste L, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor (Pediatrics)

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from hysteria seemed quite out of the question. Many thousands

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done by a, sustained effort. This is a most important therapeutic point,

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of the surface of the glans penis ; phimosis ; paraphimosis ; acute and

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rise in pressure from strychnine, though adrenalin caused a rise pro-

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These " leg " or " varicose " ulcers are at first small and superficial, but

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and gouty disorders. He gave it in six-drachm doses; and says that he em-

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corrective power over the working of the latter in the blood.

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arteries, or the ureters, or by extirpation of the kidney.

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growth of body weight becomes as a i*ule more rapid, provided a

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