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heart sounds were distant and blurred, and the heart was beating very rapidly
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distinct when a patient is sitting than when she is lying down; it is
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blood supply to the node. A prominent branch of the right coronary
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of the incompleteness of the data. It is not improbable that an appre-
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strain to the coats of the vessel. More often it arises and progresses
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* Carbonates show most striking inhibition, sodium carbonate more than magnesium
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ment of the normal structures of the artery, there has been much
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elevated by swollen tissue beneath it. It is, therefore, in the highest
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Jaundice, dissociated ; C. F. Hoover and M. A. Blankenhorn 289
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fruits, they frequent moving pictures and other public gatherings and
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In cancer, again, the enormous differences in mortality reports are
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The present paper deals only with incident, or initial attacks, of
laneous group distinctly did not show any evidence of acidosis by
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not be ascertained. One white child, aged 2, whose sex was not recorded, is also
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muscular sense was tested only for passive movements. The patient's
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different conditions. In several of them interesting responses to the
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solution, which had been previously measured with a Mohr 5 c.c. nor-
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areas tend to be diffuse and bear no special relation to the blood vessels.
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is not sufficiently delicate to give the blue-green zone in the coagulum
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each contraction is increased, that is, the systole is strengthened,
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suffering from cachexia struniipriva. Great improvement followed
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pellagra in 1913 and the children all play together. Two other children,
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developed in this way in the entire absence of any abnormality. Of
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kulicz, 166 with remarkably good results. In the former case one lobe
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sidered is the obstacle offered to the propulsion of the blood in the
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as shown by Daddi and Marchetti 38 varies as little from the normal